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White Smudging Sage for Cleansing

White Smudging Sage for Cleansing

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Salvia apiana, commonly known as white sage, has been used by the Natives as a way to cleanse the air of negative energy and spirits.

A study done by the University of Arizona shows that white sage protects against certain bacteria, namely: Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Candida brassicae.

One of these bacteria (klebsiella pneumoniae), travels through the air and causes diseases such as pneumonia. Burning white sage can help prevent this bacteria from spreading.

White sage, sourced from the coastal mountains of California, is a wide-leafed sage highly valued for its potent aromatic qualities. Native Americans have employed California White Sage for countless millennia, employing the smudging technique to cleanse and purify individuals and their surroundings.



  • white sage smudging is a ritual for spiritual purification, clearing away spiritual blockages and promoting clarity of thought and intention
  • the aroma of burning white sage is soothing and calming and can help reduce stress and anxiety
  • white sage smudging is seen as a form of aromatherapy that promotes relaxation and well-being
  • white sage smoke is believed to have antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, so smudging can help purify the air and reduce airborne bacteria and germs
  • the ritual of smudging improves mental focus and clarity, making it a useful practice before meditation, prayer, or other contemplative activities
  • smudging can help balance emotions and promote emotional well-being
  • it is often used as a means to release pent-up emotions and find inner peace
  • the calming effects of white sage smudging leads to stress reduction and improved overall mental and emotional health
  • smudging with white sage creates a protective barrier around a space, person, or object, shielding it from negative influences or energies
  • white sage smudging is often used to purify the environment before rituals, ceremonies, or important events
  • for those who follow Native American or Indigenous spiritual practices, white sage smudging can be a way to connect with and honor the traditions and beliefs of these cultures


wild picked white sage from the California mountains


Light one end of smudge stick and walk around desired area to cleanse. When finished cut off air supply from smudge stick to put it out, either by putting something over it (like a bowl) or pressing it against something solid (that won't burn).

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