Indigenous people, villages & farms are under attack.

Corporations & oil companies are stealing indigenous lands & building factories & commercial buildings.

We need your help & support to fight these corporations & oil companies to put an end to their destructive ways, to help save Mother Earth & protect indigenous communities before it’s too late.

Our products are 100% all natural & handcrafted in small batches using only the purest, ethically grown ingredients. We don’t use any synthetic chemicals, preservatives, or fragrances.

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Intentionally crafted with unconditional love & light energy, infused with reiki & affirmations.

We give back to indigenous communities all around the world from Africa, South America, India, Mexico, to Asia.

Our mission is to preserve ancient indigenous cultures & traditions by offering artisanal hand crafted products such as skincare, candles, teas, herbal medicines and goods with the purest, unique formulas that are completely natural. Created with ingredients sourced as ethically as possible from small farms & indigenous tribes throughout the world.

Our goal is to help preserve indigenous lands by supporting the indigenous peoples through sourcing materials & goods from them such as our ingredients, teas and herbs.

Each product is sustainably created, sourced & delivered with the enviroment, the animals & pacha mama in mind.

We are here to help make your healing journey easier by helping you prioritize your health & wellness through our products.

We are here to provide tools & resources to help heal you and guide you on your journey here on planet earth.

Our candles, skincare, herbs, teas & herbal medicines are all one of a kind alternatives to all the harmful, toxic products that are accessible these days.

The journey starts with self care and self love.

Start your self care journey with us today!