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Pure Soursop Oil (Guanabana)

Pure Soursop Oil (Guanabana)

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This soursop oil is sustainably sourced directly from the Amazon rainforest in Brazil and is 100% pure, natural, and cold pressed without any added chemicals or ingredients.

Soursop has been used by indigenous people for millenia for its many healing properties and is only now gaining popularity in modern medicine. Soursop oil is extracted from the leaves of the soursop tree, also known by a variety of names such as graviola oil, guanabana oil, cherimoya, custard apple, and Brazilian paw paw, it grows in tropical and subtropical regions around the world The leaves and fruit of this evergreen tropical plant produce a bright yellow oil rich in nutrients.



  • Works as an anti-aging skin moisturizer.
  • Rich in Vitamins A and C
  • High in saponins and antioxidants, such as flavonoids and polyphenols, that combat free-radicals responsible for aging our skin.
  • Full of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acids that help with smoothing wrinkles & fine lines!
  • Helps with acne, blemishes, wounds and boils.
  • Assists with Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, and dry skin.
  • Boosts your immune system and nourishes your skin, encouraging it to heal and prevent infections
  • Can help to heal the skin and promote cell regeneration.
  • Promotes the skin's glow and helps treats hyper-pigmented areas.
  • Contains linoleic & oleic acids & unsaturated fatty acids which help to moisturize the skin naturally
  • Provides natural SPF protection & anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It’s an universal oil that can be used for your face, hair & body! It’s such a miraculous oil that has so many amazing healing properties


Soursop oil is rich in several vitamins and minerals that have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and can help treat many skin conditions.

One of these is soursop’s antioxidant vitamin C, which protects the skin from damage by free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause serious damage to your body's cells. Antioxidants help fight these free radicals; when vitamin A and C work together as antioxidants, they can prevent oxidation (which is what causes aging) and maintain healthy skin cells.

The vitamin C also helps to lighten dark spots and blemishes, making soursop a popular ingredient for acne-prone skin. The vitamin C in soursop is also an anti-inflammatory, so it can help to reduce redness and swelling.

The fruit is also high in vitamin A, which can help to fight fine lines and wrinkles. Soursop also contains folate and potassium, two important nutrients that help to keep the skin healthy.

Soursop oil's active ingredients have been shown to boost your immune system and nourish your skin, encouraging it to heal and prevent infections. With its many benefits for overall health, soursop is an excellent addition to any skincare routine.

Soursop oil can be effective at treating inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis.

According to the Mayo Clinic, soursop oil may be effective at treating inflammatory conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. The oil is rich in fatty acids and phytochemicals that act as anti-inflammatory agents on the skin.

Soursop oil also acts as an emollient, keeping skin soft and moisturized.

Emollients are a type of moisturizer that helps the skin retain moisture, so it's no wonder that soursop oil is effective in this regard. Soursop oil helps to keep your skin soft and moisturized, which can help with dryness and flaking as well as reduce irritation and inflammation associated with certain conditions like eczema or psoriasis.

In addition to helping improve dryness and flaking, emollients also strengthen the skin by helping it retain its natural oils (sebum). They also help keep your complexion smooth and flexible by strengthening the epidermis—the outer layer of your skin—which allows for better elasticity.

Soursop oil has amazing benefits for your skin and can help you avoid infections and irritation

There are many benefits of soursop oil for the skin including reducing inflammation, treating eczema, preventing oxidative damage (from UV exposure), reducing dryness, calming irritated or inflamed areas of the body like bug bites or rashes caused by sunburns (aka "sun poisoning"), helping fade dark spots on your face/back/neck due to old acne scars or discoloration from sun exposure over time (aka "liver spots").

Soursop oil is an excellent moisturizer because it helps retain moisture within your cells which improves hydration levels throughout all layers of tissue beneath surface level layers - this means less dryness!

Its a great alternative to harsh synthetic chemicals, and it’s easy to use. It can be used on its own or mixed with other ingredients to create an effective skin care product. If you have sensitive skin or an allergy to fragrances in cosmetics, try using soursop oil as a moisturizer that won't irritate your skin!

WARNING: Take caution when using soursop or face oil. Avoid eye area at all times. Do not apply oil near the eyelids or the under eyes. Wash hands immediately after use. Do not touch eyes or rub eyes after applying oil. Oil can cause severe irritation & burning of the eyes.


We are committed to providing the world with the highest quality, natural, pure organic skin care products made by Mother Nature and am so excited to share with you this miraculous gift from nature.


pure soursop oil from Amazon rainforest


Massage a small amount onto face, hair, and other areas that need moisturizing

Customer Reviews

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Such a Wonderful Product

So grateful that I was able to try this from Lana's shop! I had never heard of soursop until recently but quickly learned of it's many benefits! My skin felt wonderful using this oil, and I hope Lana continues to introduce us to the many excellent products that mother nature provides!

Helen N.
so moisturizing!

Wow I can't believe things like this exist and no one ever tells us about it! My skin feels so good and healthy after using it

Sheyla C.
A must have

This oil should be in every home! Growing up in Puerto Rico O was very familiar with the many benefits. So grateful you guys carry this! It’s the most pure product of its kind and your skin will see a difference instantly. I also use it on my hair ends to prevent split ends and aid in super healthy hair!! I highly recommend it!!

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