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Raw Cacao Nibs

Raw Cacao Nibs

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The cacao tree is native to the tropical lands of Central and South America. The fruit of these trees contain cacao beans which are harvested, heated at low temperatures, and then made into powder or nibs. The low heat allows the cacao to retain all of its nutritional benefits.



• Helps promote healthy digestion
• Packed with flavonoids that lower blood pressure, prevents blood clots, helps improve blood flow to the brain and heart, and reduces risk of diabetes
• Excellent source of potassium, magnesium, iron, protein and fiber
• Reduces inflammation
• Boosts seratonin which enhances mood, reduces anxiety and stress
• Reduces risk of cancer by neutralizing free radicals
• Improves gut health
• Boosts energy and alertness


Cacao has been used for millennia by the ancient Olmecs, Mayans, and many other civilizations for consumption, healing, and ceremonial purposes. The beans were even used as a currency in the Aztec empire!


100% pure, raw cacao nibs


For tea:
• bring water to a boil
• pour water into cup
• mix in 1-2 tbsps of cacao nibs

For smoothies:
• add 1-2 tbsps to your smoothie

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