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Dragon's Blood

Dragon's Blood

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Dragon's Blood is a natural resin harvested responsibly from the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. Dragon's blood, or "Sangre de Grado," is named for its bright red sap. Native to the Amazon region of South America, this tree is known by indigenous people in the area to possess numerous beneficial properties. Our Dragon's Blood is obtained through ethical and traditional methods, ensuring minimal impact on the environment. 

They use it to treat skin wounds, preventing them from becoming infected. Research indicates that the resin is effective against insect bites, itchiness and skin inflammation. In addition, dragon blood has a high concentration of antioxidants that attenuate the signs of aging, regenerating cells.

The tree's bark and resin boast a long history of usage in traditional medicine - in fact, indigenous communities throughout Peru and Ecuador have used their sap for centuries. Embrace the powers of Dragon's Blood topically or orally!



  • helps treat ulcers
  • antibacterial
  • fights cancer & tumors
  • relieves itching
  • anti-aging
  • eases joint discomfort 
  • supports inflammation reduction
  • aids in skin regeneration
  • fights oxidative stress for overall cellular health
  • promotes a healthy gut
  • soothes the respiratory tract & helps with coughs
  • tightens & firms skin, reducing fine lines


100% Dragon's Blood


Shake well before using!

Internal: Add 1-3 drops of Dragon's Blood to 2 oz. of water 1 or 3 times a day. Best taken between meals!

External: Apply topically by hand or cotton ball. Reapply as needed. If desired, rub directly onto the skin to form a protective coating.

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