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Coconut Shell Spoon

Coconut Shell Spoon

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100% natural coconut spoons beautifully handcrafted from the shells of tropical coconuts!

Fun alternative to metal & plastic spoons.

Majority of plastic & metal spoons contain chemicals that leach into the food without us realizing it. Utilizing more natural alternatives such as coconut utensils is a healthier option without all the chemicals. 

Each spoon goes through a process of being cut, cleaned, sanded and finished with a food-grade organic, virgin coconut oil. They are the perfect companions for, salads, soups, curries, and will brighten up any meal time!

They're also great in photography and a must have for anyone showing off their food creations on social media!

Way to bring a slice of tropical nature into your home with minimal environmental impact. They last forever!



HAND CRAFTED - Made from recycled coconut shells from Guerrero Mexico, each spoon is hand crafted from sustainable sources. Spoons are cut, cleaned and sanded and then polished with Coconut Oil.

MULTI USE - They are the perfect companions for salads, soups, curries, and will brighten up any meal time!

100% NATURAL & ECO FRIENDLY - These coconut spoons are hand made from real coconuts reclaimed after being discarded as waste.

DURABLE & EASY TO CLEAN - Coconuts are durable material; each spoon will last many uses and will add a tropical feel to every meal! Just a quick hand wash and they are good to use again.

UNIQUE DESIGN - Each spoon is 100% unique with its own color, shape, design, pattern and look.


coconut shell


Use as regular spoon to eat, scoop, or mix with.

Wash with soap and water. Avoid putting in dishwasher.

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Build to last

I thought I would leave a review on these coconut spoons, as I have been using them for months at this point and am finally able to give some good feedback on them. All I have to say is that I use entirely wooden eating utensils, so I've had my fair share of breakages, however, NOT from these! These spoons have given me NO issues since day one, and are so comfortable to eat with (e.g., it doesn't give an overbearing wooden taste when eating). For those new to the world of wooden utensils, I would just recommend occasional touch-ups to ensure the wood remains healthy (e.g., do not soak in water, rub with oil once at least once a month). But if you are considering these, GET THEM! (:

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