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Chaya Herbal Tea

Chaya Herbal Tea

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Originating from Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula, chaya has been a culinary and medicinal staple in Mayan culture for centuries. Traditionally, it has been revered for its nutritional richness and used as a remedy for ailments such as inflammation and poor circulation.

Chaya leaves are an excellent source of a number of essential nutrients for a healthy, balanced diet. In fact, Chaya is more nutritious than many green leafy vegetables such as spinach, Chinese cabbage and amaranth. The leaves are very high in protein, calcium, iron and vitamins A and C.

Chaya is traditionally used to prevent and treat such diverse conditions as inflammation, diabetes (there is strong evidence for this benefit), obesity, heart disease (it lowers LDL-cholesterol and high blood pressure), fever, kidney stones, varicose veins, gastro-intestinal disorders, respiratory infections and eye problems. It is also considered to protect the heart, liver and kidneys from toxins, especially under protein-energy malnutrition. It also stimulates lactation.



  • Regulates blood sugar
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Aids digestion
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Rich in vitamins & antioxidants
  • Has antimicrobial properties



  • Tea
  • Smoothies
  • Cooking


100& Mayan Chaya


• If using leaves, boil 4-5 leaves
per cup of hot water for 20 minutes, strain, & enjoy!
• If using powder, add1-2 teaspoons per cup of boiling water, stir, & enjoy
• Add agave, coconut sugar or coconut nectar to sweeten

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