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Blue Lotus Flower Tea

Blue Lotus Flower Tea

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Blue lotus flower is a water lily that mainly grows in Egypt and parts of Asia. Images of the flower have been discovered on ancient papyri and tomb walls, indicating its cultural and historical significance. It's been used as a traditional medicine in Egypt to treat a variety of ailments like anxiety and sleeplessness.


  • Helps to promote restful sleep
  • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Heightens awareness and consciousness
  • Induces relaxation by soothing nervous system
  • Helps to open up third eye pineal gland
  • Enhances dreams and dream recall
  • Connects you to the spiritual realms
  • Induces higher states of being
  • Assists with lucid dreaming
  • Helps to ease muscle pain and tension in the body

Blue lotus flower tea was traditionally used by Ancient Egyptians as a sleep aid and as a way to induce calmness, relieve stress and reduce anxiety.


o Bring water to boil and add a tbsp of tea per cup of water
o Allow tea to simmer for 15 mins
o Use strainer and pour into mug
o Enjoy!

Optional: Add agave, coconut sugar or coconut nectar to sweeten